FBŠ Bohemians Prague is registered - exclusive interview with Michal "Bedla" Jedlička inside the article | oct 04 2016

Prague Floorball Cup 2017 is not far away and we noticed that this event attracted interest of a czech floorball legend - Michal Jedlička. He has already registered his team FBŠ Bohemians in five different categories!


Hello Michal, why did you choose Prague Floorball Cup for your teams? 

I think it is a good date for a tournament, because there is not any tournament in January in Prague. It is a good opportunity to get back in a good form after Christmas and be ready for the second half of the season. It is a good chance to play against other teams from Europe and that is very important for the development of floorball in the Czech Republic. This event is a unique opportunity to play interesting matches and exchange experience with other coaches, not only from foreign countries.


How did you find out about the tournament and what is the most interesting thing about PFC for you? 

I found out about it from Facebook. The best thing is that this tournament is a very good training for the second half of the season, which is the most important part of the season for many teams. And that is why I decided to register FBŠ Bohemians Praha to PFC. Again, it is the only event in the Czech Republic at this date and that is great! Another thing is that it is happening in Prague, which is a very good reason for foreign teams to come to PFC, because of its historic city centre.


 How many categories will FBŠ Bohemians Praha participate in and what are you expecting from the tournament?

We will participate in five categories, maybe more. In the younger categories I am expecting mainly fun and getting new experience. In the older categories we have high ambitions though - we want to win! The Cup for the winner of PFC is absolutely unique! We do not have a trophy like that yet.


Our PFC team is really looking forward to  the participation of FBŠ Bohemians Prague at our tournament. We believe that we will see many exciting matches across all age categories!

Prague Floorball Cup 2017 will take place in 8 arenas | sep 20 2016

Summer is definitely over and we are already looking forward to the Prague Floorball Cup 2017! Preparations for the tournament are in full swing and we have some news. PFC 2017 will take place in 8 arenas! We told you, we would have two centers - Prague 11: SH Jedenáctka VS, SH Jižní Město and SH TJ JM Chodov. The second center of the tournament is the Prague 4 - Sports complex Hamr Braník. We are very proud that we can organize our tournament in these great arenas, which offer favorable conditions to host a floorball event as big as the PFC is.

The main advantage of Prague 11 location are the places, where the arenas are situated. All arenas in this area are in a walking distance to each other and transportation between them takes max 15 minutes. Another plus side is the fact, that one of the biggest shopping malls in the Czech Republic (Shopping mall OC Chodov) is not far from the arenas.

Sports complex Hamr Braník is in Prague 4. This complex is a famous location known for sports events such as international tournaments, sport days and many others. The benefit of this place is that we have 4 arenas under one roof! There are comfortable cloakrooms for players and last but not least there is a cozy restaurant with many types of dishes. In short … A great place for Prague Floorball Cup 2017!

And as a surprise at the end… The final tournament day will take place in an arena for 3000 spectators! That is definitely something to look forward to! :-)

SV Stars is another swedish team on PFC 2017 - interview inside | sep 06 2016

We are honored to welcome new registered team in category GIRLS 04! SV Stars is the team from Sweden and in this year they have achieved great success - gold medal from Helsinki Junior Challenge 2016. Here is an exclusive interview with the Lars Brintler - coach of SV Stars.

How long do you coach SV Stars, what tournaments did you play in the past and how are your girls doing?
The Stars team has been a one and a half year project for me. The girls met for the first time in June 2015 during a floorball camp in Sweden. They quickly decided that they wanted to play together as a team, and since that day they have been playing floorball together as often as possible. Our best performance must have been Helsinki junior challenge 2016 where we won the gold medal.

 Why you decided to challenge PFC 2017, what made you to go to Prague?
Prague is a beautiful city in a beautiful country. Letting the girls experience this trip combined with getting to know teams from other countries that share our passion for floorball is a dream come true. 

How do you feel about it?
We are really exited and cant wait to come!

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The Invitation

What is PFC ?

Prague Floorball Cup is a new international floorball tournament for youths taking place in Prague, Czech Republic from 6th to 8th of January. This modern tournament is a young generation’s event which primarily serves all the teams a challenge to compete for a unique exlusively for PFC designed trophy - The Cup. PFC is about playing many exciting games against foreign teams but also gives you the opportunity of having fun outside the game and enjoying your stay in the city of Prague with your teammates, parents and coaches all together or separate like tourists on a holiday.

The value of Prague

Prague is located in the “heart” of Europe and its geographical position is ideal for organising a sport event of this case. Floorball is becoming a real big sport in Czechia and the popularity of the sport is growing even more in the capital of the country. It’s a perfect place in the way of the sport’s facilities and sport’s quality in general.

Prague is a city with a rich history and it’s full of admirable historical monuments but offers either a wide range of varied entertainment, many cultural or other sports activities and vast other opportunities to experience your stay either you’re a player, coach or a parent.

The purpose

Prague floorball cup is a modern event made for the youth and the principal objective is to make the young generation feel good about it! We wish all the players, coaches and parents can enjoy it by playing, coaching or watching the matches and also by having fun outside of the game. One of the main goals of the tournament is for sure a support for the development of floorball as a sport. And of course a so coming improvement of floorball skills of young players by competing their foreign opponents.

We would like to make the event even more interesting and enjoyable for parents by making a great step forward in creating and ensuring special opportunities and inspiring tourist activities just for them. Same with the coaches by having a special coaches meeting for support in the sense of creating international coach’s community.

PFC is an opportunity to meet new people and exchange experiences between - players, coaches and parents from all floorball nations from all over the world. We want to ensure you the Prague Floorball Cup will be unforgettable experience for all participants of the tournament - especially for the players, coaches and parents - no matter how it goes on the tournament.

We want to invite all floorball enthusiasts to Prague, to this international floorball happening named Prague Floorball Cup held from 6th to 8th of January in 2017.

Explore the magical connection of modern sport and historic city!


Prague Floorball Cup 2017 is a challenging tournament for both young boys and girls. These categories below are official categories that will be played in January in Prague. We can do some changes but we will introduce them to you in time.

 B99, B00, B01, B02, B03, B04, B05, B06, 

 G99, G00, G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G06, 

Accomodation & Meals

PFC organisators provide a full service for all players, coaches, parents and spectators and we would like them to have the best stay in Prague they can possibly have

  • Sleeping is arranged in four star hotels which are well located  to the courts and to the city centre
  • Breakfasts are secured by hotels and lunches and dinners by our PFC chefs.
  • All served food will be appropriate for kids and sport persons.
  • Gluttenfree or other types of diets and eating habits persons welcomed


Entry fee: 300 € / team

Participation / accommodation fee:

  1. 120 € / person (6th - 8th, 2 nights)
  2. 150 € / person (5th - 8th, 3 nights)
  • 2(3) nights in four star hotel (Thursday/Friday - Sunday)
  • 2(3) breakfasts, 2(3) dinners, 3 lunches (starts Thurday breakfast / Friday lunch, ends Sunday lunch)
  • PFC wristband included (public transp.ticket, partners sales...)

(a variant of more nights - from 5th to 9th also possible - contact us for prices)

PFC wristband: 20 € / person (for all players compulsory)

Ask for more:

Pay the fees here please (please note your team name with the payment) :



IBAN: CZ0720100000002601041480

Important dates

Pre-registration starts: 8th of June 2016

Last day for registration and for the payments: 1st of December 2016.