Even if your team won’t get to the finals, we would be glad if you stay in Prague until the very end of the tournament. Together we can make great atmosphere for the best teams playing against each other and fighting for the Cup. And let’s face it, if you were in their shoes, you would love to play such a special game like Prague Floorball Cup final in front of hundreds of spectators. Come and make this exciting day unforgettable!

PRAGUE FLOORBALL CUP 2020 FINALS will take place on Sunday in two locations, UNYP ARENA Podvinný mlýn and TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady.

UNYP ARENA, also called Arena Podvinný mlýn, hosted the PFC final day in previous years and this year will be no exception. It is one of the most modern and best equipped floorball venues in Central Europe and currently this place is home of Czech “Superliga” team Sparta Praha. If Prague hosts an EFT tournament, it usually takes place here as well as various non-floorball sport events. This venue can fit up to 1300 spectators. During the last year, the surface on the field was completely renewed. And a big screen will be installed especially for the purpose of Prague Floorball Cup. See the list of PFC halls to find the instructions to get there.

Second venue for the finals will be TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady, our main PFC hall located very close to the city centre, only 5 minutes walk from Metro station Jiřího z Poděbrad. It is a famous historical building made in functionalist style for the purpose of Sokol, a gymnastics and body-mind balance movement for people of all age founded in Prague in the 19th century. Except convenient location and historical genius loci, this place has another advantage. From Friday to Sunday you can find there our FUN ZONE offering many fun activities. We will tell you more about them very soon...


In January we will also welcome on #PFC some new teams from Latvia. We asked two coaches about what they expect from the tournament and why they decided to participate. Now we would like to share the interviews with you.

The first coach we asked is Remārs Vikānis from FS Masters who started to search for some tournaments in the Czech Republic after the last U19 World Floorball Championship where the Czech team took the gold medals. Especially, he is excited to compete against top Czech teams.

What do you look forward the most about the tournament?

After the last U19 World Championship where the Czech team took the gold, our club started

to look for some tournaments in the Czech Republic. Prague Floorball Cup is excellent

choice for us and we look forward to meeting with and competing against the best Czech

floorball clubs.

Why did you decide to participate in Prague Floorball Cup?

FS Masters club always looks for some well organized tournaments and we know that the

organization of PFC is on a very high level. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to take part in this tournament.

What are your expectations about the tournament?

We expect to meet the best Czech teams and we will work hard to compete against them.

What is your team’s goal for the PFC?

Off course we want to win every game that we will play, but it is also very important for us to

gain experience.

How did you find out about PFC?

Martin Forman contacted me and we talked about his vision about the tournament. It sounded really good and we decided to participate with 3 teams.

Do you plan to discover Prague during the tournament?

We would like to see some famous places in Prague, if the tournament schedule would allow

us to. We know that Prague is a beautiful city with lots of famous sightseeing places.

And the other interview we would like to share with you is with Ivars Laktins who is a coach of FBK Valmiera. He loves Prague and wants to introduce it to his players, but also, he is expecting a huge experience. 

What do you look forward the most about the tournament?

Every year, I want my boys to gain experience in other countries and I know that floorball level in the Czech Republic is high. This tournament will be a very good experience for my teams.


Why did you decide to participate in Prague Floorball Cup?

I have been in Prague four times with my adult team on a tournament in summer. I like this city and how you organized the tournaments, so I decided with the parents to come to Prague this January.

What is your team’s goal for the PFC?

Though many good players of my team are not going to Prague, we want to play final game in your tournament of course. If my teams lose games we will take the good things from each game and keep training harder!


How did you find out about PFC?

Usually I look at IFF page for Club Tournaments. There I simply plan trips by date and to which country we want to go. 

Do you plan to discover Prague during the tournament?

Sure, I love Prague city and people there, so I want to introduce your city to my kids. Definitely, we go will to “Karlův most” and the Old Town.



The official video invitation to PFC 2020 is out! The motto of the upcoming year is "The Firsthand Experience". Come with your team and experience the unique atmosphere of an international tournament. PFC 2020 will take place from 3 to 5 January. Registration on the website is running, do not hesitate to register your team and experience the Prague Floorball Cup on your own.

What can you look forward to? Just like every year, there will be high-quality rivals from the Czech Republic and abroad. We expect a significant increase in the number of participants compared to the last year. So we are also adding new halls, enriching the accompanying program and some other news that we will keep for ourselves so that you could be surprised...

Feel free to watch it on our YouTube channel:

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What is PFC2020?

Prague Floorball Cup is an international floorball tournament for youths taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 3rd to 5th January 2020. This modern tournament is a young generation’s event which primarily offers all the teams a challenge to compete for a unique trophy exclusively designed for PFC - The Cup. It is also a venue where you can meet a lot of floorball cultures, personalities and share valuable experience. PFC is about playing many exciting games against foreign teams from various European countries. The third year 2019 was attended by 3,100 players from 182 teams. We expect that in 2020 both the number of players and competing nationalities will increase.

Apart from the traditional tournament events, you can look forward to the amazing spirit of winter Prague where you can spend three days full of fun, emotions, and joy!

Categories and playing system

Prague Floorball Cup 2020 is a challenging tournament for both young boys and girls. These categories below are the official categories that will be played on the second year of PFC tournament. We can do some changes but we will introduce them to you in time.

B01, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B09

(B10, B11 - 3+1 viz PFCmini)

G03, G04, G05, G06, G07

(G08, G09 - 3+1 PFCmini)


Preliminary system: groups of 4 or 5 teams (round robin series), all teams go to play-off A / play-off B (more in Rules)

Duration of the match: 2 x 15 minutes (2 x 20 - only finals)

Prizes: What can you win in this tournament? Visit - The Cup & Prizes

The latest day for registration is 1.12.2019!!!