The official video invitation to PFC 2020 is out! The motto of the upcoming year is "The Firsthand Experience". Come with your team and experience the unique atmosphere of an international tournament. PFC 2020 will take place from 3 to 5 January. Registration on the website is running, do not hesitate to register your team and experience the Prague Floorball Cup on your own.

What can you look forward to? Just like every year, there will be high-quality rivals from the Czech Republic and abroad. We expect a significant increase in the number of participants compared to the last year. So we are also adding new halls, enriching the accompanying program and some other news that we will keep for ourselves so that you could be surprised...

Feel free to watch it on our YouTube channel:

Interview: Strängnäs IBK | jul 24 2019

Swedish Strängnäs IBK going to Prague Floorball Cup 2020

Jeanette Löhf, the team manager of B06 Strängnäs IBK, is going to Prague Floorball Cup for the first time. What is the team’s expectation? She explains her perspective in a short interview. 

Why have you decided to participate in PFC 2020? 

We have been thinking about going to Prague for a very long time. We wanted to do something special. We have participated in the tournament in Falun and then we decided to go to Prague Floorball Cup. 

What team will you bring? How would you describe it?

We are coming with 24 boys 06, actually, we are split into two teams. Some guys from the team also other sports beside floorball, so they need to decide. We want to show them an atmosphere of the international floorball tournament. 

How do you see your chances in the competition?

Of course, I see it very optimistic! But you know, I am not the coach. This would be a better question for the coach. 

Are you planning to enjoy some other activities in Prague beside the tournament itself?

Yes, of course! Actually, the tournament will provide us with a guide, who will show us around. We are excited about it! Guys also need to see Prague, learn some history. We go to the Czech Republic to play, but also to see Prague. 


The fourth year of the Prague Floorball Cup will take place in January next year, but several foreign teams are already registered! Beside the traditional guests, we are very happy to welcome newcomers from Sweden, Poland and, historically for the first time, Germany! The number of  registered foreign and domestic teams is still growing. There is definitely something to look forward to in January.

Which clubs registered their teams first? From the far north of Sweden, girls from Umea with their team Hissjö SK will come to Prague. The Polish girl team UKS Radzevia Radzewo will also appear at PFC 2020. In recent years, Polish girls have shown great fighting spirit, so we are looking forward to more exciting matches!

The Swedish team from Strängnäs IBK, who has experience from the famous Storvreta Cup, will also join the battle for The Cup. Last but not least, we are happy to welcome the very first German PFC participants, namely the Red Devils Wernigerode!

Already now in spring it looks like a truly hilarious Prague Floorball Cup 2020! This will take place traditionally in Prague, January 3 - 5, 2020. The registration is running, so do not hesitate to come and fight for The Cup!

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What is PFC2020?

Prague Floorball Cup is an international floorball tournament for youths taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 3rd to 5th January 2020. This modern tournament is a young generation’s event which primarily offers all the teams a challenge to compete for a unique trophy exclusively designed for PFC - The Cup. It is also a venue where you can meet a lot of floorball cultures, personalities and share valuable experience. PFC is about playing many exciting games against foreign teams from various European countries. The third year 2019 was attended by 3,100 players from 182 teams. We expect that in 2020 both the number of players and competing nationalities will increase.

Apart from the traditional tournament events, you can look forward to the amazing spirit of winter Prague where you can spend three days full of fun, emotions, and joy!

Categories and playing system

Prague Floorball Cup 2020 is a challenging tournament for both young boys and girls. These categories below are the official categories that will be played on the second year of PFC tournament. We can do some changes but we will introduce them to you in time.

B01, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B09

(B10, B11 - 3+1 viz PFCmini)

G03, G04, G05, G06, G07

(G08, G09 - 3+1 PFCmini)


Preliminary system: groups of 4 or 5 teams (round robin series), all teams go to play-off A / play-off B (more in Rules)

Duration of the match: 2 x 15 minutes (2 x 20 - only finals)

Prizes: What can you win in this tournament? Visit - The Cup & Prizes

The latest day for registration is 1.12.2019!!!

Prices 2020

Entry fee: 100 € / team (SPECIAL OFFER)

Participation / accommodation fee (basic offer - four-star hotel)

3.1 - 5. 1. 2020    170 € / person 

  • 2 nights in a four-star hotel (Friday - Sunday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation, special offers from our partners, etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 3rd - lunch on the 5th

2.1 - 5.1. 2020     225 € / person 

  • 3 nights in a four-star hotel (Thursday - Sunday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation, special offers from our partners,etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 2nd - lunch on the 5th

  2.1 - 6.1. 2020    280 € / person 

  • 4 nights in a four-star hotel (Thursday - Monday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation, special offers from our partners, etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 2nd - breakfast on the 6th

(a variant of more nights - from 1th to 7th also possible - contact us for prices)

We will be happy to provide you another type of accommodation and special offers up to your needs, just let us know! Do not hesitate to contact the organizational team in case of any questions.

Within the price of accommodation in TOP HOTEL Prague (basic offer), we will take care of your transport from the airport and back for only 100 euros/team. At the hotel, you'll have a meeting room available for your team meetings and we will also provide drinking regime (bottled water and some GATORADE presents) for your team.

PFC Wristband: 30 € / person (for all players&coaches compulsory) (if you stay in your own accommodation)

For all foreign teams coming to PFC, we provide special assistance regarding transport assistance in case of an injured player, communication assistance, getting around Prague assistance and booking services for attractions, restaurants, etc.

Ask for more:

In the event of a cancellation by the team after 30.11.2019 , the entry fee is non-refundable. In case the team leaves the tournament after 15.12.2019 the team will be charged a fine of EUR 200. All payments have to be paid till 15.12.2019.

Pay the fees here please (please note your team name with the payment) :

We send you an invoice just write on



IBAN: CZ3120100000002501613429