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And here we go! Summer is about to come but we are already taking care of your winter program. Are you wondering where to spend the first weekend of the year 2019? It is going to be at Prague Floorball Cup.

The registration has just started, so do not hesitate and register your team for the international youth tournament!

We are looking forward to both our regular guests and also new faces! See you at PFC in January in Prague!


We have a new partner that will help foreign teams booking the flight tickets for the trip to Prague.

I'ts easy, comfortable and you don't have to menage tickets for the whole team directly with the airline yourself. It takes time and can be stressfull with their pricing and cancellation policy. We have a helpful assistent here for you, that will make you a satisfactory price and easily fix the group tickets for the whole team with you only sending the dates and a list of names.   

Here is how it works step by step.

You just simply contact them on this unique email with answers to following questions.

What they have to know about you:

1.  When do you want to fly?Are you (a little bit) flexible with dates? Would you like to fly on Thursday - Monday, Thursday - Friday, Wednesday - Sunday?

2.  How many people travel?

3.  Do you need check-in baggage or cabin is enough?

4.  Special requests (oversized baggage for sticks, special catering during flight).

Next steps

1) They will get back to you as soon as possible and start conversation about everything you need to set up together.

2) Once everything is clear, they will send you confirmed flight tickets and invoice.

3) Invoice is 14 days due.

Services that company can provide in cooperation with PFC for our foreign teams.

- individual or group tickets, - name change 3 days before departure free of charge (group tickets only, depends on airline),

- group ticket seating (depends on airline),

- personal check-in support for groups at Prague airport,

- phone and email support 24/7.

So what do you say?


Introducing Mobile App - Prague Floorball Cup

And here it is! We are delighted to introduce you to the hot news of this year's PFC - the Prague Floorball Cup mobile app, where you can find all the information you need.

What can you look forward to? In clearly arranged sections, you'll find basic PFC data, location of all important locations, whether it be halls, lodging or boarding. Of course, you will not miss a layout and a schedule of individual matches or hot news. Would you like to take a little off the game but do not know where to go? You will find an overview of all the accompanying program actions. We also thought about your entertainment, the "frame it" feature puts your photos into a unique tournament frame. Then you will be posting a poem on social networks with # pfc2018!

There is nothing to wait for! Download the app now in GooglePlay as PFC App and AppStore as PragueFC. The authors of applications by Cyril Čermák and Peter Fraňk are our big thanks! Hats off!

Download iOS here

Download Adroid here

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What is PFC19 ?

Prague Floorball Cup is an international floorball tournament for youths taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 4th to 6th January 2019. This modern tournament is a young generation’s event which primarily offers all the teams a challenge to compete for a unique trophy exlusively designed for PFC - The Cup. It is also a venue where you can meet a lot of floorball cultures, personalities and share valuable experience. PFC is about playing many exciting games against foreign teams from various european countries. The second year was attended by 1,900 players from 124 teams. We expect that in 2019 both the number of players and competing nationalities will increase.

Apart from the traditional tournament events you can look forward to the amazing spirit of winter Prague where you can spend three days full of fun, emotions and joy!

Categories and playing system

Prague Floorball Cup 2019 is a challenging tournament for both young boys and girls. These categories below are the official categories that will be played on the second year of PFC tournament. We can do some changes but we will introduce them to you in time.

 B02, B03, B04,  B05, B06, B07, B08

(B09, B10 - 3+1 viz PFCmini)

 G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G06

(G07, G08 - 3+1 PFCmini)


Preliminary system: groups of 4 or 5 teams (round robin series), all teams go to play-off A / play-off B (more in Rules)

Duration of the match: 2 x 15 minutes (2 x 20 - only finals)

Prizes: What can you win in this tournament? Visit - The Cup & Prizes

The latest day for registration is 1.12.2018!!!


Entry fee: 200 € / team

Participation / accommodation fee (basic offer)

4.1 - 6. 1.    160 € / person 

  • 2 nights in four star hotel (Friday - Sunday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 4th - lunch on the 6th

3.1 - 6.1.     210 € / person 

  • 3 nights in four star hotel (Thursday - Sunday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 3th - lunch on the 6th

  3.1 - 7.1      260 € / person 

  • 4 nights in four star hotel (Thursday - Monday), all meals in the hotel, PFC wristband included (free transportation etc.)
  • meals: dinner on the 3th - breakfast on the 7th

(a variant of more nights - from 2th to 8th also possible - contact us for prices)

Do not hesitate and contact us about other ideas you have about your accommodation or stay in general! 

PFC wristband: 30 € / person (for all players compulsory)

Ask for more:

In the event of a cancellation by the team after 30.11.2018 , the entry fee is non-refundable. In case the team leaves the tournament after 15.12.2018 the team will be charged a fine of EUR 200. All payments have to be paid till 15.12.2018.

Pay the fees here please (please note your team name with the payment) :

We send you an invoice just write on



IBAN: CZ0720100000002601041480

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