What's new on PFC2021?

The jubilee 5th year of the Prague Floorball Cup tournament is slowly getting closer! As every year, we are preparing a number of upgrades that will move the tournament another step further. What can you expect at the upcoming year of the tournament?

No age exceptions
This year we have decided to make an important change in the rules. Age exceptions will not be allowed in any of the categories. …

New categories
Girls will join the boys' elite category. We are newly opening the EL!TE Ladies category only for invited girls' junior teams. The playing time of all matches in both elite categories will be extended to 2x20 minutes. In order to provide the best tournament experience, elite teams are provided conditions that are slightly above standard. The non-elite category Boys U19 will also be opened for the most experienced young floorball players.

Accompanying activities
The Prague Floorball Cup is not just about floorball. It's also a great opportunity to spend a great weekend with the team. We are preparing even broader selection of accompanying activities, so that your team can’t get bored in the free time at the tournament. And, furthermore, what would be the anniversary without a special surprise? Stay tuned!

PFC Game
The special Czech superleague match called PFC Game has become quite popular amongst the participants in recent years. Especially last year, there were so many fans that we almost couldn’t fit to the Vinohrady hall. However, not all participants managed to arrive at the match due to the busy schedule. If everything goes according to plans, you will have the opportunity to visit two PFC Games at the next year of the tournament.

New halls
We always look for the best sport halls all around Prague for the tournament. The list of PFC halls will be enriched with a brand new hall in Pankrác called “Bublina” and we will later add another modern sport hall, which is currently growing nearby.

New partner Mizuno
We have started a new partnership with Mizuno - a sport brand that focuses on sportswear and other sport equipment. Among other things, it means you can look forward to designer tournament T-shirts. We are still tuning their final design, but you will find out on time what your next PFC tournament T-shirt will look like. Are you curious?

Tournament fashion
Our design collection of PFC Essential clothing has been designed to keep up with the fashion trends that are evolving at a rocket pace. The PFC Essential collection will be upgraded with several new pieces that will soon be revealed. Have you seen our video invitation? You might have spotted some of the new designs there.