PFC Elite

Also this year, the most experienced young players will compete in the special ELITE category at the Prague Floorball Cup. In the upcoming year, besides the boys category BU19 (year 2002 and younger), the elite category GU19 will be opened for girls as well. 

What is special about PFC Elite?

  • All games will be held in Prague's best arenas
  • Only invted top teams are participating in this category
  • 2x20 minutes game time all matches
  • Gatorade drinks available during the tournament
  • Live streams from most of the matches
  • Meeting room with a projector available upon request
  • Unique trophy for the winner
  • Warm up time and balls provided
  • All-star team is selected after the final

B02 (BU19) ELITE

Boys born 1 January 2002 and later (two boys born 2001 allowed)

G02 (GU19) ELITE

Girls born 1 January 2002 and later (two girls born 2001 allowed