We welcome every team to the Prague Floorball Cup 2024!
The tournament will be played according to the valid IFF rules.
Number of teams

Our goal is to allow every team to compete for the Cup but we have a limited capacity and when it is reached the teams paying their team fees first will be given priority.
Age categories

  • B05 (BU19) - Boys born 1.1.2005 and later
  • B07 (BU17) - Boys born 1.1.2007 and later
  • B08 (BU16) - Boys born 1.1.2008 and later
  • B09 (BU15) - Boys born 1.1.2009 and later
  • B10 (BU14) - Boys born 1.1.2010 and later
  • B11 (BU13) - Boys born 1.1.2011 and later
  • B12 (BU12) - Boys born 1.1.2012 and later
  • B13 (BU11) - Boys born 1.1.2013 and later (3+1 PFCmini)
  • B14 (BU10) - Boys born 1.1.2014 and later (3+1 PFCmini)
  • B15 (BU09) - Boys born 1.1.2015 and later (3+1 PFCmini)


  • G05 (GU19) - Girls born 1.1. 2005 and later
  • G07 (GU17) - Girls born 1.1. 2007 and later
  • G09 (GU15) - Girls born 1.1. 2009 and later
  • G12 (GU12) - Girls born 1.1. 2012 and later (3+1 PFCmini)
  • G13 (GU11) - Girls born 1.1. 2013 and later (3+1 PFCmini)

The organizer reserves the right to close any category in case the are less than 8 teams registered. There are no exceptions from the general rules allowed in any of the categories. 


In boys categories 2011 (included) and younger are THREE one year older girls per team allowed to start. (this rule is applied under the league competitions from Cesky Florbal and it's not considered an age exception)


The competition starts at a group stage. All teams are divided into groups of 4 - 5 teams (in case there is a low number of teams in a category it is possible that there will be just a single group of 5+ teams) where all teams meet in a round robin series (each team meets each team once).


All the teams qualify for the play-off A or play-off B. Their position is determined by their results in the group stage.


All play-off games will cause elimination of the losing team. Semifinal losers will not play a bronze-medal match. Instead, they are awarded bronze medals directly after the semifinal game.
Game schedule
Game schedule will be published on the PFC website. The organizer reserves the right to change the game schedule; the groups, times and courts. Notice about this will be given in time to every team manager in concern.
There is one referees supervising for each match. The referees are selected by the PFC organizers. All referees have a valid floorball license for refereeing.
Game time

In PFCmini categories (B13, B14, B15, G12, G13) we play 3 plus 1 on small courts, 2x8 minutes running time, instead of 2 minutes penalty there is a penalty shot direct, no play-offs but extra stage.

Group matches, play-offs 5+1: 2 x 15 minutes.

Time will not be measured effectively with the exception of the last minute of the game for categories 5+1. The time will be otherwise stopped in the following situations: a goal, a penalty, a penalty shot, or upon the request of a referee.

There will be a time-out available for each team only in playoff (30 seconds), no timeouts for PFCmini.

Mercy rule: In case of a goal difference of 7 goals and higher the time is only stopped upon a request from a referee.

Differences between PFCmini and PFC 5+1:

Only in the playoff tournament for categories 5+1 does each team have the opportunity to use a time-out (30 seconds). Teams in PFCmini cannot use time-outs.

Group stage
The ranking of the teams in a group is determined by the amount of points acquired. For a win, the team is awarded 3 points, for a draw 1 point and for a loss 0 points. In the case of two or more teams having the same amount of points after the group stage, the final ranking will be based on:
1. Points in mutual games
2. Goal difference in mutual games (goals scored - goals conceded)
3. Goals scored in mutual games
4. Total goal difference in the group stage
5. Total goals scored in the group stage
6. Lottery


If there is a tie at the end of a play-off match, there follows 5-minute extra overtime (sudden death). If the game is not decided in overtime there follow penalty shots. In penalty shots, five players from each team will be selected. If the game is still tied after five rounds, the same players will perform extra penalty shots in single sudden-death rounds until the winner is decided. The order of players can be changed in extra penalty shots. However, it must hold that each of the players has shot at most once more than any other.

Players and rosters
There is no limit in the number of players being placed on the roster of a team. However, only 20 players are allowed to be nominated and play each match.
A player is allowed to play for a single team only (in each age category). Boys are allowed to play only in B categories, four girls are allowed to play in any boys team.
There is a deadline for the team leaders to fill the team roster by December 29th, 2023. It will be still possible to add other players to the roster by asking the PFC staff to do so before each match of the respective team. However, this will be possible only during the group stage. The rosters will be finally closed before the play-off stage.

The tournament cannot be entered with a selection based team. PFC is reserving the right to be strictly a club's teams tournament. This rule is valid for both PFC and PFCmini. If concered about your eligibility of your team, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Age exceptions

If neccessary, younger players can play for a given team in any category without restrictions.
Red card

If referee is forced to give a red card (RC), the following rules will apply according to the red card’s grade:
Technical Foul (TF) - Higher penalty (2+2 min.) + game ejection, no further penalties necessary
Game ejection (GEP) - Higher penalty (2+2 min.) + game ejection, JURY decides about further penalty
After the game, referees and appropriate organizers immediately inform JURY that issues a decision about the punishment.

Team leaders

The person who has been named the team leader is responsible for the whole team during the tournament, inside as well as outside the venue. They are also accountable for the communication with the organizers and jury. The team leader has to be at least 18 years old.

Identity control

The organizer has the right to check the identity and age of the players. The team leader is responsible for making sure that each member of the team has a valid identification card (including a photo) or a passport.
The team leader has the right to file a protest against a serious violation of the tournament rules. If the protest concerns a referee's decision or a game result, both the referee and the organizer (PFC Jury) must be informed immediately after the game (within 45 minutes after the end). The protest must be delivered in written form to a member of the PFC Jury. It has to include a description of the problem and all arguments in full detail. The protest submission is followed by a fee of 100 € which is returned in case the protest is accepted. The verdict of the Jury is final.
PFC Jury
Martin Forman (+420 602 227 444)
Michael Zelený (+420 723 678 663)
Dominik Dolejš (head referee)
Jakub Eichler (technical director)
Theodor Caban (+420 725 053 803)
A game has deemed a walk-over (a loss-by-default game) in the following scenarios:

  • A team does not show up for a match (until 10 minutes after the match official start time).
  • A team does not have at least 3+1 players ready to play at the start of the game.
  • A team is disqualified from the tournament.

The result of a walk-over game is 5-0 as usually. It can eventually be another result chosen by the organizer in order to prevent intentional manipulation with respect to the play-off draw advantage.
Each team leader must make sure that all participants from his team are properly insured, both on and off the field. Participation in the tournament is on own risk of the players. Prague Floorball Cup does not provide any group insurance and is not responsible and cannot be made liable for any injury, illness, theft or damage to property concerning the participants.
We demand proper behavior from all the teams so as to their supporters. The PFC Jury reserves the right to intervene in case of misbehavior and, as a measure of last resort, may disqualify a team from the tournament.
We recommend everybody to use safety goggles during the matches. Safety goggles are not required due to different national floorball regulations.



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Vše máme uloženo. Děkujeme.