It is impossible to get bored in our new fun zone in Vinohrady

What else is new on Prague Floorball Cup this year? A fun zone full of cool activities for players of all ages where you can spend some free time while you don’t battle on the floorball field. Where can you find it? In a separate gym on the first floor of Vinohrady sport hall which will, except the usual games, host also a super-league PFC game or the Final Day. Let’s look closely to what you can look forward here!

Memory wall & Instagraf

Anything on your mind that you would like to spread the word about? A dominant feature of the fun zone will be a huge memory wall where you can put your name to or leave a message about how you like the tournament. This space can serve well as a photoshoot background :) Without any doubt, you will be packed with great experience from the tournament, but how about bringing home also some picture memories? For that reason, there will be an Instagraf machine ready for you. This gadget can print any Instagram photo in the blink of an eye. Just share it with #pfc2020 hashtag and tag @instagraf and come pick it up in the fun zone. But note that Instagraf will be there only on Saturday!

Shooting Academy

Willing to improve your floorball skills? We are happy to welcome Shooting Academy lead by Matěj Pěnička, a young player from FbŠ Bohemians. You can look forward to shot improvement training sessions but also goalies should pay attention :) There is a limited capacity, so you better not hesitate. Stay tuned for more info about the application.

Skills & Shooting contest

If you just can’t get enough floorball, you can participate in skills and shooting contests. On two mini floorball fields you can challenge your teammates in slaloms, dribbling or target shooting.

Games & Chill zone

Someone might get a bit tired from all the floorball. Why not to pop in our chill zone and have a short nap? To relax your mind and have fun with your teammates, play some board or card games. And one more thing. What about some table tennis match against your friend?

Tournament t-shirts & PFC ESSENTIAL

Experience PFC first hand literally. In the fun zone, but also in some other places, you will have a chance to buy the tournament t-shirts and other pieces of merch. Would you like to wear #pfc clothes more casually? This year for the first time we have created a fashion street collection called PFC ESSENTIAL. The designs are clear and simple. Your will rock in these pieces of clothes!

EXEsport pop up store 

Also our new floorball sponsor EXE sport will have its place here. In their special store you can buy various floorball equipment from sticks to grips at a good price.

Hunting a treasure?

Have you already found enough QR codes and answered the questions correctly, so that you can guess what is in the mysterious picture? Come visit us in the fun zone, hand over the answer to the staff and wait until the final day to know whether your team will be the lucky one!